Therapies Available in Our Treatment Rooms.
Acupressure Massage (John Hamlet):  Applied through your clothes for pain and stress relief. Maintains good health and also improves recovery time.  (John is also a Tai Chi Instructor). Medical Herbalist (Sara Hills): Treating everyday conditions using plant extracts on an individual basis safely and effectively.
Acupuncture (Ross Hargrave & Wendy Morrison): A tried and tested system to restore, promote and maintain good health. Homeopathy (Gill Grinter): Working on an individual basis Homeopathic Medicine works with the body to help overcome illness not suppress sysmptons.
Aromatherapy Massage (Linda Woodland): Using fragrant & powerful oils to treat a wide range of physical and mental problems. Hypnotherapy (Shane Scott): Hypnosis is a natural state allowing you to access the part of your mind that promotes change.
Chiropractor (Fiona Webb): Unhurried one to one assessment and treatment by a highly qualified and experienced clinician. Indian Head Massage (Linda Woodland): Relieves tension in the neck and shoulders leaving you calm and relaxed.
Counselling (Roper & Price): Affordable professional therapeutic counselling. Free 30 minute initial consultation. Reiki (L.Woodland): Connecting you with your own healing energy, clearing energy blocks on an emotional and physical level.
Crystal Therapy (Carole Stoddard): Crystals are used to ease pain and induce relaxation and to clear physical and emotional blocks. Reflexology (Linda Woodland): Aiding self healing and boosting the immune system through pressure points on the feet.
E.F.T. (Sue Hawkins): Emotional Freedom Technique is taught so you are free from past, present and future negative patterns. Shiatsu (Angie Jones & Jan Hyson): Traditional Japanese Healing. It relaxes and de-stresses on a physical and emotional aspect.
Food Sensitivity Testing (Julie Sargent): Non-invasive testing to identify foods affecting your health and nutritional advice.  
Ask for a comprehensive leaflet on the therapy of your choice.

Free 15 minute consultation to find out about how you can benefit.

Qualified and insured therapists in a safe nurturing environment.

For more information on our resident therapists please click here.
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