Resident Therapists

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Gill Grinter - Homeopathy

Fiona Webb - Chiropractor

Julie Sargent - Food Sensitivity Testing

Angie Jones - Shiatsu

Carole A Stoddard - Crystal Therapist

Ross Hargrave - Acupuncture

Shane Scott - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Linda Woodland - Aromatherapy/Reflexology/Indian Head Massage

John Hamlet - Acupressure Massage

Wendy Morrison - Acupuncture

Aly Whitely - Colonic Hydrotherapy

A healthy digestive tract is essential to properly assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins and wastes. When the digestive system is compromised so is our immunity, leaving us to many common chronic complaints.

By making simple lifestyle and dietry changes, digestive health can be restored to improve overall health and well being.

Colonic hydrotherapy has been used successfully for centries to relieve chronic toxicity and enhance health.

A build upof toxic waste in the colon can contribute to many common chronic complaints. By gently cleansing with warm water colonic hydrotherapy can allieviate these problems by removing waste helping to restore beneficial gut flora to support immunity and promote improved bowel function.

A Healthy Colon Is Essential For A Healthy Body.

Aly Whiteley (RMN Dip (ITEC) EFT adcert - Colonic Hydrotherapy
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