Resident Therapists

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Gill Grinter - Homeopathy

Fiona Webb - Chiropractor

Julie Sargent - Food Sensitivity Testing

Angie Jones - Shiatsu

Carole A Stoddard - Crystal Therapist

Ross Hargrave - Acupuncture

Shane Scott - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Linda Woodland - Aromatherapy/Reflexology/Indian Head Massage

John Hamlet - Acupressure Massage

Wendy Morrison - Acupuncture

Aly Whitely - Colonic Hydrotherapy

Chiropractic is a hands on treatment. Chiropractics diagnose, treat and manage conditions related to joints, ligsments, tendons and nerves, particularly in the spine.

Treatment is very safe and involves gentle, specific spinal manipulation to allow joints that are stiff to begin moving properly.

Chiropractic is best known for treating back and neck pain but patients also consult chiropractors regarding a variety of other conditions.

During your first visit a detailed case history will be taken in order to assess your condition. An examination will be performed including specific neurological and orthopaedic tests as necessary.

If necessary imaging studies such as x-rays or MRI maybe requested to evaluate the underlying cause of a condition.

Following the examination an individual course of care will be outlined to you, tailored to your own needs and activities.

Fiona Webb
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